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Opening times: Monday - Tuesday 9am - 4pm, Friday 9am - 1.30pm, Closed Wednesday and Thursday


2019 News

However we URGENTLY NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS, who can spare 3 hours to look after and join in with the members, contact us today.

Cater for the lonely, vulnerable or isolated.

These groups are designed to get our Lonely and Isolated Senior Residents out for at least one day a week.

For isolated vulnerable residents who live in Barking and Dagenham. The aim of the groups is to get together, have a chat, make friends, take part in activities, bingo, crafts and exercises. We also have many representatives who come along to offer support and advice and make everyone aware of what is happening in the Borough. Refreshments are provided. Transport can be arranged for residents who cannot arrange their own. A fee is charged for attending.

Meet new friends from different cultures and nationalities. We have 130 different ones in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham who all have stories and memories to tell and share.

Many come to more than one GTG so that they can enjoy different Activities and meet new Friends The Groups offer various Activities so that we can ensure that there is something for every one to enjoy.

We now have over 400 members enjoying the GTG's. As you all know they are completely run by VOLUNTEERS who give so much time and care to the Members.

Some of the Activities we offer :
Short Mat Bowls, Art and Crafts, Chair Exercises, Board Games, Quizes, Dance and Movement, Choir, Outings, Flower Arranging, Parties, Plenty of time to Chat and Make New Friends and Bingo.

So far this year we have arranged . Workshops on Making Carnival Headress and !!!!!!! Learning to play the Steel Drums ( Ear Plugs Supplied ). Also workshops with Studio Three, Visit to Canterbury Cathedral, Easter Celebration, St. Patrick's Day Party plus many more Outings.

As you can see we try to make sure that we have Activities to suit all. We also have been amazed at the Fantastic Skills that our Members have brought and shared to Get Together Groups.

We DBS check, Offer First Aid Training and Volunteer Training to all our Volunteers. There are over 100 Volunteers involved In our Get Together Groups.

Without them we could not provide our Services. THANK YOU from Silvernet and the Members to all Volunteers.

Contact Lynne to discuss coming along and taking part as a member or become a volunteer.

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Big thanks goes out to Hannah Kupoluyi and her members at All Women Network who donated food items to the Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre Get Together Groups elderly members on the 16th of January 2019.

"All Women's Network " mission is to equip women with skills to make the right choices for their lives and families.

For more information about All Women Network call Hannah on 07947 777 495

Happy Birthday Babs who attends our Get Together Groups.

If you have elderly neighbours who live on their own ask them if they would like a daily Telephone from one of our Telephone Befrienders. Give them our Telephone Number and ask them to call us or ask them if they would like you to contact us for them. A friendly chat makes all the difference and it also lets us know if there is anything they need us to do for them.


0203 288 2160 / 2164 / 2168 / 2180

I am getting in touch as I manage the Helpline Volunteers at the MS Society and I am looking to recruit more volunteers.

Emma Chudley
Interim Senior Helpline Support Officer for Volunteers | MS Society

Members of Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre enjoyed a great day celebrating St Patrick’s day at Harmony house today

Happy Birthday wishes sent out to Alice and Andrew, members of our Get Together Groups.

Had a fantastic day today at our get together group today was the first day of our carnival project with Ukon we had mask making which everyone enjoyed thank you Roz for all your hard work members can’t wait till next week

Had a fantastic day today celebrating Easter with Get Togethers coming together at Harp hours. Thank you to Peter Hawes who entertained our members with fantastic music and sing a long as to all the volunteers who helped make this a great party members have requested another event which we are looking at doing soon.

Learning the art of making a mask for the Barking Carnival coming to Barking and Dagenham later this year. Watch this space.

If you want to come along and join in please contact Joan and Lynne at Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre


Quoting Barking Carnival

Over 100 Members of several of our GTGs have been enjoying May Day Dinner and Dances.

We had to hold 2 events due to the large number of Members and Volunteers.

Entertainment was great with Ballroom and Line Dancing at the first one and a fantastic Singer who had everyone singing and dancing.

It was fantastic to watch our Senior Residents having such a great time. Special to our wonderful Volunteers who give of their time so that we can provide these events.

The next events are the Ukon Barking Carnival in June where our members will be taking part wearing their Carnival Masks and Headdresses which they have been making us playing the Steel Drums.

Also in June we have 2 Coach Loads of Members taking a day trip to Canterbury Cathedral. Plenty for them to look forward to.

National Volunteer Week thanking our dedicated Volunteers from Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre Get Together Groups.

Had a great day at Canterbury today sun kept out all day was nice to see members sitting together chatting away at tea rooms thank you to all the volunteers who made sure members were ok and helped with pushing wheelchairs on the cobbles.

See what you are missing out on.

Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre Get Together Groups day out to thank our trusted volunteers that first give up there spare time each week.

If you know of anyone who is lonely, isolated or vulnerable do please get in touch with Joan and Lynne at Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre wether it's to join as a new member or new volunteer.

Email quoting Get Together Group and include a contact number.

To celebrate the music that our Caribbean people brought to us through wind rush the members of our get togethers spent the morning learning to play the steel pans. They will carry on next week and then perform at the carnival in barking organised by Ukon Careers on the 13th July please come along and support them it will be a great family day out with lots for everyone to join in

Carnival headpieces all ready for Barking Carnival. A unique, interactive and all engaging carnival experience. Look at the amazing headpieces made and designed by members and volunteers from Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre Get Together Groups.

Next on the carnival agenda is learning to play the steel drums.

Fancy joining these folk as a new member or volunteer please email JEBRANDON30@OUTLOOK.COM

Quoting Get Together Group

Barking Carnival

Get Together Group members enjoy lunch, drink, sing song and a catch up today.

A big thank you to the National Lottery for funding the Silvernet Project over the last three years. Silvernet is a Partnership between Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre and Harmony House to prevent Isolation and Loneliness suffered by many of our local Senior Residents. We were able to provide GTG,s for over 400 residents providing a variety of Activities. Providing Transport from their homes to the Group's and taking them home again. We also provide a Telephone Befriending Service, Computer Weekly Sessions Chair ExercisesGardening and DIY as well as trips and other events.

All of the GTG,s and all of our Services are strong enough due to our dedicated Volunteers able to continue . We are also able to offer these services to new members who would like to come along and join so that they can make new friends and stop feeling Lonely and Isolated. Please get in touch with us. Joan, Lynne, Kelly and all our lovely Volunteers warmly welcome you.

New Members are always welcome.

Visit our website to see what goes on



Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre Get Together Event is being held on Thursday 3rd October 2019 at Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club, Victoria Road, Dagenham, Essex RM10 7XL
Starts at 11am to 3pm

Let’s Get Together – A chance for residents to come together to socialise over a cup of tea, try something new, have a sing along, a game of bingo and do some seated exercise with Whole Body Therapy.

Everyone welcome!

We celebrated London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Older People’s Event week today at Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre Get Together Group at Dagenham and Redbridge FC the day was filled with members socialising with new people attending for the first time.

We had a lovely display of flower arranging by one of our elderly members Pam music by a fantastic Peter Hawes and chair exercise by Kim Mcclean Whole Body Therapy the day was well attended by local residents and interested parties.

Lynne and Joan were delighted by the interest and wanted to thank all the volunteers who came along to help make the day a success Marjorie Luke Mark Frederick Nichols Joan Brandon Kelly Price and Ethel.

Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Centre Get Together Groups are held daily Monday - Friday.

If you know of anyone that wants to come along and join in please contact Joan and Lynne by email JEBRANDON30@OUTLOOK.COM Quoting Get Together

Had a fantastic day today at the old time music hall with members a great show with some great sing along songs it’s great to see our members enjoy themselves

Our Thursday Get Together Group members celebrates Halloween. All 50 of them.

Today we held our Christmas party for members at Dagenham and Redbridge FC. Everyone had a fantastic time . A big thank you to Peter Hawes who played his heart out to keep the music following. A big thank you to all the volunteers who made the party happen Nicky Gee Andy Drewbags Mark Frederick Nichols Joan Brandon Kelly Price Marjorie Luke and Ethel without your support this wouldn’t be possible also a big thank you to Cllr Peter Chand and Ginger Chand who came along to meet members and also bought 2 fantastic singers along who sang beautifully a thank you also goes to Dagenham and Redbridge FC and their staff

2020 News

Wow! Wow! Wow last night at the Barking and Dagenham Faith Forum Awards Ceremony we were the Winners of the

Mayor's Choice Category for Outstanding Community Group project.

Thank you to The Mayor, The Judges and the Members of the Faith Forum for recognising the Definite Value the Volunteer Bureau's fabulous Staff, Volunteers and Members give to those residents who are so lonely and Isolated every day .

Covid has highlighted through Lockdown how Isolation and Loneliness can have such detrimental effects to Health. Before Covid ,during Covid and after Covid many of our residents will suffer Loneliness and Isolation.

Our Get Together Groups and Telephone Befriending Services prevent this.

A Massive Thank You to all our Volunteers,to Lynne ,Kelly and Jon for ensuring our work has carried on in safe ways throughout Lockdown.

A Massive thank you to the Barking and Dagenham Faith Forum for recognising the Value to people Health and Wellbeing we offer .

We are so proud to have received this Award which belongs to all you Volunteers who give so much of your time to make others happy.

Joan Brandon Chief Executive Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Bureau.

Hello - last week the Barking and Dagenham Faith Forum hosted the borough's first Faith & Community Awards. I am so delighted to announce that Barking & Dagenham Volunteer Bureau was awarded the Mayor's Choice for Outstanding Community Project! Congratulations to all who are part of this wonderful group. You can watch the video from the awards by clicking the link below. His Worshipful Mayor Peter Chand announces your award at around 00:47mins.

Click here for video.